Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Sink for Classic Movie Fans

Sent via Ron of...what is it? Fluffy Stuffin'? I don't want to know who "Fluffy" is and with what he/she/it is being stuffed, much less why. I just go about my Internet business without looking too hard to one side or the other. Especially when Ron tweets that this "Fluffy" entity is running around like Dr. Manhattan. (I hesitate to enquire which aspects of Dr. Manhattans behavior or lack-of-dress "Fluffy" is imitating.)

Anyway, Ron--or perhaps "Fluffy"--sends this blog called Greenbriar Picture Shows, which is a treasure trove of old movie--not all classics--minutiae.

It's an engrossing read for fans of the cinema.


  1. It's quite simple: I had an old loveseat that was falling apart and I set it outside to eventually be taken to the dump when I got a truck from a friend. My best friend Miki came by, saw the now-attacked loveseat and said:

    "The squirrels are making nests from your Fluffy Stuffing!"

    Hence, a blog was named.

    Which could refer to what's left of my brains, too, I suppose.

    As for Dr. Manhattan references...I remain aloof.

    Glad you liked Greenbriar; they are quite cool.

    Come by Fluffy Stuffin and listen to the Astaires with Gershwin at the pie-annie!

  2. Great, just what I need--another time sink.

    I'm going to bookmark this for future reference though.

    And thanks!


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