Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meine Dispatcher Tells Me There's A Problem With Deine Kable?

The Cable Guy is here (shut up, he's just fixing the cable) because I plugged in a TV into the HDMI port and got no audio. And then, when I plugged the old TV back in, certain channels came in scrambled.

It only happens with the HD channels coming through the component port, and only some of the channels. He's baffled.

Me, I think it's DRM. Somewhere in the "who's got permission to do what" logic, they've screwed it up. Of course, this guy has no chance of figuring that out (if it's true) since it's buried somewhere in the logic of the cable box. The analog ports are all supposed to be open anyway, since older TVs don't conform to any protection schemes.

But that's just the paranoid rantings of someone who's been banging his head against copy protection aimed at paying customers while the thieves run rampant.

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