Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Movie Bonanza....

Probably going to be a bonanza this week.

Just got back from The Fall.

Refusenik is probably something I'll have to see Thursday if I'm going to see at all.

Son of Rambow I've mentioned--it's the boy's birthday so....

Also, I might be wrangled to see a Panda movie.


  1. Hey I couldn't not drop a Sarah Jessica Parker post in your blog. I think I turned a boring thread about vp choices into a slap fest.
    But Jake gets the prize for this website he pointed out:


    It's brilliant.

  2. Last night the wife and I saw Enchanted on pay per view and I liked it a lot. It was a fun family movie. But what was really strange was another of the actresses I really hate was in it and I didn't know it until the last ten minutes. Normally I try to avoid anything Susan Sarradon is in, but I didn't realize she was in it. Of course it was a great performance as she was typecast. As an evil bitch..er witch.

  3. She had a line in Ed Wood where, playing Dolores Fuller, she was despondently reading a review and saying "Do I really have a horse face?"

    So, I have a lot of positive memories of her from the '80s and early '90s, and she does a good job in SatC.

    I don't get the sex symbol thing per se; I sorta thought the point was that she wasn't (say) a Catherine Zeta Jones.

    But I don't have the animosity that others seem to have. Then again, I tend to not to hate on people I don't know (or even do know, come to thin of it). It's really hard to know what they're like from a distance.

  4. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins--I think they're probably very, very nice people and they're fine actors.

    When they start talking politics, they look (and sound) a little crazy, but they're not (like some) stupid. And they're not mean-spirited, from what I can see.

    When you think of how much of modern political debate is shaped around lies foisted on us by the KGB, it's actually kind of staggering. We can only hope the truth will gradually win out over time.

  5. I have very definite opinions about certain actors and actresses that drive my wife crazy. We will be flipping through the dial and a Robin Williams or Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins or Sarah Jessica Parker or Will Smith or the BJ Honeycutt guy movie will come on and I say "hey I ain't watching this shit with these idiots." She gets all pissed because she wants to see some Lifetime bullshit so I sit there and read my book and put on my earphones and block it out. But on the internets I can be a tough guy and let loose with all the invective I can on the stars that I really really can't stand. On the flip side, any movie with Steve Buscemi or Harvey Kietel or Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck or Diane Lane or Queen Latifah is something I will always watch. I just find it interesting that when I start the ball rolling on actors I hate like Robin Williams or Sarah Jessica Horseface, a lot of other people jump on the bandwagon. So I think I do speak for a lot of people. You are just more likely to speak out about stuff you hate than stuff you really like.

    Now a few words on Brussel Sprouts.

  6. Well, it's also really funny. I've just never been one to get--what's the word? exercised?--over celebs.

    Although, Chris Columbus used to piss me off. Guy launched his career with some of the most contrived writing in movie history.

    Now I just sorta think, "Eh, good for him."

  7. I don't really get mad. I just refuse to waste my time on people I detest because of politics or something they have done in real life. Like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski. I can get through my life just fine without giving them any of my money. There is currently a move to rehablitate Polanski, I wonder how that will go.

    But Robin Williams and Sarah Jessica Parker are the King and Queen of the Dammned.

  8. I can respect that, it's just that I--well, this is worthy of a post....

  9. Wow that's great. Almost like being sponge worthy.

    Personally I would rather be James Worthy banging two escorts before a playoff game.

    The Lakers Celtics series made me think of that.


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