Monday, June 16, 2008

Troop Gets His Blog On

Trooper York has started his blog up again.

He's got a distinctive voice and blogging locale: A women's clothing store in Brooklyn. You know there's gonna be good stuff going; he's local color defined. He's the kind of guy who can make me think life in NYC might be fun in the right neighborhood. (And while, yeah, I'm in L.A., remember that this area of L.A. was nearly rural--horses and orange groves--when I grew up here, and my inclination is to move further out as development moves in to urbanize.)

Anyway, pop on over and help him get into a groove!


  1. Thanks for the pimping. I just decided to give it a chance instead of putting my best stuff on other peoples blogs. I won't be doing the well reasoned posts that you are doing. Just quick hits in and out. If I ever figure out how to do the blog roll on my site, yours will be the first.

  2. Hey, that's your strength, man, stick with it.

    I'm sure you won't get long-winded and pedantic like I do, either.


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