Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harder Day on the Planet

In Loudon Wainwright's song Hard Day on the Planet, he ends his litany of planetary problems with ways in which he is well off:

I got clothes on my back
And shoes on my feet
A roof over my head
And something to eat

My kids are all healthy
And my folks are alive
You know, it's amazing, but sometimes
I think I'll survive

I first heard the song in early '90s--it seems to have been written about the time Bush threw up on the Japanese Prime Minsiter (the dollar went down/and the President's sick), when Wainwright was about 45. Over the years, I've heard him play it:

My kids are all healthy
And my mom's still alive

And the latest time I've heard it:

My kids are all healthy
And Bob Hope's still alive

(Haven't heard it recently, obviously.) I've been listening to LW3's music so long that I'm finally starting to catch up with it.

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