Thursday, June 26, 2008

Return of the Pointy Breasts

Given that the #1 source of hits on this site persist in being the pictures of Faith Domergue and Janet Leigh--poor Carole Landis can't get no love--and the phrase "pointy breasts" or "pointed breasts", I thought I would continue into this fascinating anthropological phenomenon.

Submitted for your approval: Clare Grant

Clare Grant is a relatively little known actress whose website pictures focus on her beautiful and haunting eyes. You can see a particularly breathtaking shot at this photographer's site which hints at...well, the conical glands that are the focus of so much internet interest.

But we don't have to guess (and a Google image with safe-search off will reveal) because the lovely Ms. Grant appears more or less starkers in the second season "Masters of Horror" episode, "Valerie on the Stairs". (You can find those pix on the web if you're so inclined as well.)

One of the things the MoH series does well is bring back that kind-of-erotic-but-mostly-creepy nudity that made VCRs so popular in the '80s. Ms. Grant's loveliness is contrasted with her demon-sex-scenes in the Clive Barker tale of writers' imaginations gone amok. It's an okay episode of the generally less interesting second season, but it's made infinitely more watchable by this young actress.

EDIT: Shortly before I posted this, someone actually did surf here for the Carole Landis picture! But Leigh and Domergue are battling out for the majority of the hits. (I refuse to make the obvious rhyme here.)

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