Friday, June 27, 2008

Conversations From The Living Room, Part I

[Robocop is on.]

"Paul Verhoeven loves him some co-ed locker rooms."

"Oh, did he do know...that movie...I want to say A Bug's Life..."

"You mean Starship Troopers?"

"Yeah! That one!"

"Yeah, he did."


  1. My wife doesn't deal well with domestic matters. She is the creative, artistic, fashion type. So I do all the cooking and the nurturing in the family. When my granddaughter was here she called me up and said “Grandpa, when are you coming home, Grandma tried to give me cheese for breakfast.”
    Anyway, one day I got the flu really bad. I am lying in bed, miserable and she just didn’t know what to do. “You can’t get sick, you never get sick. Get better, now!” I said “I know honey, I’m trying.” She said “Well you better hurry up because I’m no Amelia Earhart.”

  2. At which ponit, you mutter under your breath, "If only..."


    "If you were Amelia Earhart, you could at least bring some of your girlfriends home."


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