Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex And The City: Men vs. Women

I mentioned in an earlier post that I never really referenced SatC as a "chick" show, since it's parodic enough that the women therein don't remind me of any real women I know, and that I might go see the movie.

But the movie has a 4.3 IMDB rating which is suspiciously low. That's Uwe Boll territory. Ed Wood-land. When you get a movie like this, you can tell a lot by the demographic breakdown on IMDB. The two ratings SatC got more than any other are 1 and 10: This usually suggests motivations other than just a normal moviegoer's interest. People are politically invested in seeing the movie succeed or fail.

What's interesting to me is that while men rate the movie around a 3, the women rate it only at 7-ish. (With ratings inflation, 7 on IMDB is a so-so score. Watchable, probably forgettable or highly flawed.)

And what's even more interesting (to me) is that the women's numbers fall of with age: Young women like it more than 30-somethings, who like it more than the 40+ crowd.

Feel free to interpret the data as you see fit.

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