Saturday, May 9, 2009

Victoria's Faces

Haven't seen Victoria from Sundries around in too long. She had a run-in with a Dell on March 1st, and never seems to have recovered. Sadly.

In memoriam, here's a linke to one of her old posts, "Faces" which, from what I've read of it, is a nice piece of writing and history. It's a look at faces of the silver screen.



  1. One of the many things I loved about Victoria, was that you could have a very vigorous back-and-forth in the comments with her, and seeing this post again made me smile thinking of it!

  2. could have a very vigorous back-and-forth in the comments with her...She banned me super quick.

  3. @1jpb: You probably deserved it. :)

    @Blake: Thanks so much for posting this. Like many others, I miss having Victoria around.
    I’m still a bit uncomfortable memorializing her though, given that I don’t really know what happened to her. But the fact is that she’s gone and we miss her.

    Blake, I’m going to post a link to this over in the comments at Sundries because I’m not sure all of those people will see your post here.

  4. I was just thinking about her this morning. I so love to hear her take on current events. victoria, where are yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuu???

  5. Victoria's always been on-again, off again, and I say that not as snark, but just as someone who used to really worry but then got used to it.

    (I was an early reader of her blog when she started it, as she was of my original blog, when I started it. This would, for example, explain my inclusion in the "Althouse connexion" part of her blogroll, one of the earliest parts, which I think is still at her blog, because we met at Althouse and, along with such peeps as Ruth Anne, XWL, Bill of So Quoted, Pastor Jeff of Conblogeration etc. etc. etc., either started blogs about the same time or, at least, started reading all of each others' blogs at about the same time in 2005.)

    One time, for example, she went off and was extensively involved in, I think, some sort of online sports-related or games thing? I'm not up on that stuff & what I did know about that time is fading in memory, but you know the sort of thing I mean.

    Anyway, I'm sure she'll show up eventually; at least she always has. And, indeed, it's something to look forward to.

  6. Blake, not to be nosy, but I'm going to be nosy: any word? Totally ignore this if you want.

  7. I think you under estimate the effort it takes to keep blogging every day. I mean comments are easy. But finding something to write about can be a chore if you are not into it. That's why posting photos is a godsend to me. I can just riff off that. But I bet blake would agree that sometimes it can be a chore. I am sure Victoria will be back. I mean if she isn't Meade's sock puppet as I suspect.

  8. I thought Meade was Althouse's sock-puppet!

  9. I actually wrote a post called blogging is hard relatively early on.

    It's not exactly hard. It's a matter of staying interested.

  10. I used to think Trooper was Meade or vice versa for a while!

    Glad that cleared up.

  11. Are Trooper and Victoria the same person?

  12. So I am not the only one who wanders over to Sundries to see if Victoria is back ... and now I find myself reading and commenting on Blake's blog with a bunch of Althouse people.

    Cross pollination.

    Maybe that was her goal?

    If you are out there, Victoria, stuck in some Warcraft world or something, send us a new kitten picture as a sign!

    (Maybe Vic is Maxine?)

  13. As for me....I, too, miss Victoria....she owes me 10 extra hug points for answering her last question correctly. *lol*

    I am curious as to how she is doing, but I also realize that there is the blogsphere/blogworld that some of us stop in and visit....some stay more than a nanosecond and others do not....

    I am so thankful that I got to know Victoria. She is a wonderful person, woman and writer. She is amazing and I am sure that in time, she will return to the blogsphere.....

    To all of my friends that I have met through her....thanks for making me laugh and share good times!!

    Trooper is right....blogging daily is a huge challenge and commitment....and I know that I am a fair-weather blogger. I do enjoy more of my "how can I waste time" at Facebook.

    Everyone....take care....and Vic, if you happen to read this post....go see Angels and Demons, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Star Trek.

    Live long and prosper....nanu nanu....*oops* wait....that was Mork that slipped in....

    Peggy :)

  14. It's almost July, and still no Vicks!

    It's worrying, really.



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