Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Clear

OK, so tests came back and everything's fine.


Everyone's happy with the results. No need for further tests. And my dietary numbers look good, too. Well, not good, but better.

I'm still not allowed to exercise. Exercise may have contributed to the situation, actually. (Though my money's still on the antibiotics.)

In any event, I'm good to go. I live...again.

UPDATE: And pardon my manners. Thank you all for being so supportive here. Means a lot, even though I wasn't all that communicative about it.


  1. Phew, indeed.

    And by the way, I just made it to the thread on trooper york where that "Penny" was commenting. I have had the same feeling about her/him--I think it's Maxine. More than one he/she has said things that sound like they are straight out of Maxine's mouth. Ditto that "Helen Parr" person. Could be coincidence, but I wouldn't put it past that psycho.

    I have another identity--my real name, actually--I use when I comment on mom/domestic/nonpolitical blogs. But I never have used a sockpuppet. If you're already anon, what's the point?

  2. I have nothing against posting anonymously. Know nothing about Revenant, and that's fine, because he is who he is on the 'net.

    But most of these people--excepting ones like Sir Archy and bc--are not up to any good.

    And I admit to having a particular distaste for men pretending to be women. And even more for a sockpuppet pretending to be hurt by accusations of being a sockpuppet. Heh.

  3. Oh. Thank God. Great news, Blake.

  4. Hey great news dude. But you realize the whole problem is that you don't drink. If you were flushing out your kidneys with some nice red wine you would live to be 106. Think about it.

  5. And stop eating healthy. Didn't you ever buy a freakin' Billy Joel Record. Jeeeez.

  6. No. No I haven't [ever bought a Billy Joel album].

    I regret not drinking, a little. I'm off pasta for now, too. Though maybe some whole wheat.

  7. That's great news Blake! Glad to hear things are going to fine.

  8. Tears of relief in my eyes, actually.

  9. (()) !!

    I really try not to indulge in the alt-ID speculation thing anymore, but I really think HelenParr is someone else's. Just haven't had a chance to try and confirm it (not that I could, because I wouldn't, share if I did).

  10. So glad you've got the all clear, Blake.

    As for that thread: Not a sockpuppet? Ha.

  11. Am I getting the sense that the women in particular are suspicious of said sock puppet?

  12. Great news, great news. So nice I had to say it twice. About your health, that is. Don't know anything about any sick puppets.


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