Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Government: Is there nothing it can't do?

No, that's not a rhetorical question.

I'm just wondering, with all the things the government is doing, like stealing from unfavored groups to give to favored groups--which, when the government breaks a contract to do, is theft, after all--if there is anything that supporters of the current administration would say, "No, nu-uh, they can't do that."

After all, Obama's doing everything Bush did. Gitmo, interrogations, rendition, eavesdropping, increasing executive power, etc., etc., etc. And he seems to have claimed authority over private business--finances, automobiles, health care, and salaries--so, really, answer me that.

What can't the government do?


  1. "Government: Is there nothing it can't do?"Restrain itself.

    That's why an engaged and informed electorate, not under the sway of charasmatic figures, is the strongest counterbalance.

    The state of the 'press' makes this equation more difficult, given that most of the press at this moment has no desire to be free (see the recent White House Correspondents Dinner for confirmation)

    Good sense will win out.

    Or not.

    Maybe we'll need a decade of being France to wake up.

  2. But seriously, it just keeps getting worse, doesn't it? All that damage done in such a short time. And we all know that it will take years to undo. Hard to see that we will ever be what we once were.


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