Monday, May 25, 2009

Reason.TV's Gutfeld Interview

Just in case you thought that Greg Gutfeld wasn't doing schtick on "Red Eye", there's a fun interview with him over at Reason.TV. Check it out, check-it-outers.

It was interesting to hear the thought processes behind Gutfeld's oddly evolved persona of sexual deviance with transgendered under-aged pool boys from third world countries, drug use and obsession with unicorns, but there's a similar sort of theme over at Ace of Spades. (Hobo-killing, cheap vodka swilling and the perennial obsession with transsexuals.)

The constant PR blitz that portrays anything "liberal" as cool and anything else as uncool has left those who actually want to debate issues in an interesting predicament. Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein talks about how the left frames the debate and appropriates the right to assign meaning to what others say, even when it's the exact opposite of what they're saying.

But before and beyond that is the non-verbal delineation of tribes--I'd link to Bill Whittle's "Tribes" essay here except his move to Pajamas Media seems to have killed it. (Here's an excerpt from another site.)

The ex-Soviets, the Marxists, the statists--they've won the PR war. Those who object, therefore, find themselves in the unpopular crowd, attacking the cool kids. I think the defense is apparent in the whole attitude that Gutfeld, Ace and to an extent, even Goldstein take: "We may be creepy morons, but we're not stupid enough to believe THIS crap."

Or, for a different perspective, humor is the only defense against power.


  1. I think I have found "Tribes" here, as a pdf, and included here, search for "tribes". Comments to the original post are here, at PJ Media, but somehow the body of the post has gone astray.


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