Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Can Play At That Game, Darcysport

Darcy has shamelessly posted a cheesecake shot on her blog, in the guise of, you know, being about tennis.

Ha, ha, we all have a few laughs, Darcy gets a few hits, and no harm done, right?

Except that in doing so, she completely misses the most important tennis story of the season. Possibly, the most important tennis story of our time. Seems that young Simona Halep, as well as being endowed with impressive tennis skills has also been over-endowed in some departments.
OK, seriously, normally I'm against any sort of surgical breast changes. I don't like implants, generally. I mean, if you're a pro, they might be a prudent investment. (I'm told they can be worth $5K a week for strippers.) But aesthetically, they seem to lose their appeal the closer you get.

I also don't like reductions. I could be wrong, but I think the complaints that women have (back pain) could usually be resolved by losing a little weight or exercising the torso a little more. Also it seems like a kind of horrible thing, arbitrarily removing parts of the body. (I feel that way about appendix operations, too, so, you know: Just crazy ol' Blake again.)

But in this case, neither of those would seem to be plausible: She's obviously in top notch shape, and those things actually cause drag when she's running across the court. So, good luck and God bless.

And the ball is in your court now, Ms. Sport.

(h/t Protein Wisdom)


  1. Here's a link to the video of her in action that Simon tweeted yesterday, even though I know nobody here is interested in that.

  2. Boys and girls you make me proud.

  3. LOL, Blake. "The most important tennis story of the season", eh? I should have known.

    I won't let you scoop me again. Game on. :)

  4. I feel that way about appendix operations, tooplease explain.

  5. g*d damn blogger and its lack of returns

  6. Yeah, you think an outfit like Google could maybe afford some time to fix such an egregious error.

    As for appendixes (appendices?), I just think that docs leap to cut them out. On the not unreasonable premise that it's fast, safe and not too expensive.

    But the appendix may serve an immunological purpose, the process does pose some risk, and it's probably cheaper to fight the infection off.

    One of my kids is appendix-free because, essentially, it was on the wrong side. Nothing wrong with it, but if there were a problem later on, it could be misdiagnosed.

    Confidence is good. Cocky certainty about what does what in the body, even something as apparently trivial and redundant as "excess" breast tissue, rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Hey I still have my appendix but they did cut out my footnotes. I hate when that happens.


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