Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Anderson Tapes

TCM aired a rare Sean Connery movie called The Anderson Tapes on Friday. (I think it's sort of become "rare" recently; it may have been a TV staple in pre-cable days.) I tuned in late, so I didn't watch it much, but I had to stop because I saw Christoper Walken as "the Kid".

He really did look like a kid, too, though he was in is late 20s. And then I saw Dyan Cannon, who was one of my earliest movie crushes. There's only seven years between them but Sean was letting his baldiness come through--which actually just makes him cooler, in my opinion.

As clinical matter, keeping with the theme of this blog, I feel obliged to point out that Ms. Cannon has not ever had the pointy breasts.

By the way, Dyan Cannon was married for a short time to Cary Grant. If you're a Cary Grant fan (as I am), you probably don't want to know about this, since it reveals a much less glamorous Grant than his impossibly suave persona.

But they had a kid, his only and her only, I think. She is, as you might imagine, quite good looking, and has her mother's smile:

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  1. Geez, Blake...we keep having the same crushes. LOL. Amy Adams and Dyan Cannon.

    She was really cool.


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