Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exciting News in the Blog World!

Lots of things happening for our little Althouse-offshoot community. In alphabetical order!

Chicken Little has a blog! A little light on the posts, just yet.

Darcy has a blog! Also a little light on the posts, yet. Darcy gets more space here, though, 'cause she's a hot blond sports chick. I'd hit on her but: a) Don't know nothin' 'bout sports; b) she could easily beat me up.

Hector has changed his blog's name! If Rain in the Doorway (the title of a lesser known Thorne Smith novel) wasn't obscure enough for you, he's now called "Kiarian Lunch" which refers to certain characters in the novel. And if you don't know Thorne Smith, Google. His books are available online for free reading (outside the US, sigh), and well worth the time.

Micheal H has a blog! Right now, it's empty, but not too long ago it had a very nice post of a speecch Mr. H made.

Last, and not least, not only does Pogo have a blog, it's marvelously idiosyncratic and he's posting up a whirlwind. Fun to read! Lots of pictures!! Weirdly named "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner".

And, as always check out Trooper York, the, uh, glue that holds us all together.

PS: And don't a dope like me forgetting to link Ruth Anne Adams's blog; the woman with the puns of steel.

PPS: And Kelly's back at Loaded Questions, too. Kelly never, ever, ever comes to visit me here, but I'm a good friend so I pimp her site when she bothers to put up stuff. Check it out: She has her own dot-com, too. Hi-falutin'.


  1. Trooper's the goo that holds us all together.

  2. Man, that Pogo is just a blur of postage. I don't no where to start over there. But thanks for the heads up, I wouldn't have known otherwise.

    Michael nuked his blog again? He started out with nice remembrance post of his dad's car. Reader and I posted comments-then he nuked it. Somebody's gotta convince him to stop nuking that.

    Thanks for the linkage. I will get my act together one day and post more.

  3. I've had a blog longer than Althouse I think...

  4. RA, do you really want to use "Trooper" and "goo" in the same sentence?

  5. Ron,

    Give me some F-S news, and I'll PPPS. Heh.

  6. Ah! I have my "toy" series coming up, based on my discovery of a childhood toy I thought lost...which has a bit of political side!

  7. Hey! Thanks for the link, Blake! Very sweet of you.

  8. b) she could easily beat me up.

    Darcy should do a recurring feature on her blog where she posts video of herself beating up other bloggers. It would be much more interesting than bloggingheads.tv.

  9. Jason,

    I'd pay $50 to see that.

    Hell, I'd pay $50 to be her first victim.

    (Hey, it's half what I usually pay...)

  10. I was thinking of changing it to "The Burning Beard." That's a chapter title in Rain in the Doorway. Hector, in the novel, is clean-shaven, as was the style in the '30's, but I have a beard, and all this global warming is bringing me near my ignition point. But then I found this, and had second thoughts. Some of the other chapter titles are appealingly obscure, e.g., "Mr. Owen's Buff", or "Satin Slings an Eel."

    Thanks for the links, blake. Pogo sure did get funny! I left him a comment.

  11. One more thing: your blogroll was previously weighted far too heavily towards the second half of the alphabet. I am very pleased to see that with the new additions, the distribution is more even. If you can keep working on this, it will not be necessary to send a representative of the Alphabetical Antidiscrimination Authority to speak to you about rectifying your delinquency in this matter.

  12. Smith always had great chapter titles.

    I'm not so concerned about the AAA, but I am concerned about Blogger's auto-sorting feature.

  13. When I was writing the catalogs for the rare books house, away back when, I was able to get Word (5.0 for DOS) to ignore "a," "an," and "the" at the beginning of entries that had to be listed by title rather than by author. So if I listed "The Bit Maelstrom," just like that, it would sort under B, not T. Izzat what you mean?

  14. Exactly, Hector.

    I've manually put the two THEs in my list in the right place.

    The freaking cable company listings don't do this.

  15. I was watching this stupid sitcom called "Rules of Engagement." That dweed David Spade plays a lecherous little midget guy. Sort of like Neil Patrick Harris does on "How I Met Your Mother." I guess it is a new trend of gay guys playing lecherous cocksman. So to speak.

    Anyway in one episode he goes to visit someone in New Jersey and picks up this obviously Italian girl in the Laundry room. The next day her two guido brothers show up and he has to go to Jersey to meet the "family." An obvious Soprano's rip-off.

    Anyway the skinny douche gets off on pretending to be a guinea. He gets a jogging suit and some gold chains and when he walks into his favorite diner he shouts out like a real gavone "Hey get me some nice gob-a-goo." We nearly pissed ourselves. He was referring to
    gob-a-gaul which is an italian ham. But it was pretty funny.

    So just call me your gob of goo.

    An half baked Italian ham.


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