Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, Just Say You Don't Like It

...when people tinkle in the pool.

You don't have to cobble together some sort of "science".

I mean, seriously, let's say somebody empties a quart of urine into a good sized pool. Ours holds about 17,000 gallons. A quart is a sizable amount, probably more than the trickles that are likely (mostly from kids, and mostly due to the temperature change, I'd guess).

Even so, that's 150 parts per million, urine-to-water, if my math is right. Since urine is 95% water, we're down to 7.5 parts per million for the health threat. Given that the astronauts just celebrated by drinking pee, I'm guessing it's not too bad.

Meanwhile, we dump chlorine into pools, which is well and truly toxic. I like how the article conflates urine and sweat, saying that the problem is that they combine with chlorine. But you can't help but sweat in the pool, even if you don't know it.

CDC notwithstanding, I think we're seeing the sort of objections that arise when people realize they eat food with bug parts in it. Come on, people, a certain amount of unconscious ingestion of biological matter is part and parcel of life.

Learn to deal.


  1. I loved that you used the term "tinkle"! LOL. Reminds me of my grandma, who used to use that.

    Hee. Sorry for callin' you a bit old-fashioned. ;-)

  2. Oh, I can't claim credit for tinkling. Er, word usage: It's the headline of the story.

  3. Oh. Hee. Caught me not reading the headlined story...

  4. Dude you better stop peeing in the pool.

  5. Peeing in pools can be detected with special invisible dyes that become visible when contacted with urine.

    FWIW, tinkling in pools is far less problematic than eating "Baby Ruth" bars.


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