Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aw, what the hell?

The Boy and I figured at the current odds, it was a good time to buy McCain. He's at about 1-to-6 on Intrade. So I create an account and try to fund it--but am informed that my bank refused, apparently due to some recent Congressional shenanigans.

I'm soooo glad they're here to protect me. What would I do without their wisdom?

Meanwhile $700B gets thrown around--and wasted---on a dubious prospect. I guess it's okay to gamble with my money as long as they're doing it.


  1. The gov frowns on offshore internet gambling.

    Try IEM.

    We would have utopia if the evil Rs weren't standing in the way.

    I'm sure you see a lot of folks making this statement, as you've recently claimed.

  2. Thanks!

    And, yes, I've heard that expression in one way or another. In the past I've heard the same thing from (R)s about (D)s, typically from the religious wing.

    But in recent years? All (D).

  3. Meh. IEM just does checks. Won't be able to do it by Tuesday.


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