Monday, November 24, 2008

Speaking of Ebb and Flow

The Bit Maelstrom readership is way down. No comments on Taylon Doon at all. Post-election blues? Economic worries? I don't know. Pointy breasts, like large penis, are always welcome*.

And yet.

Ah, well.

I've spun off a new blog, very technical, very programming heavy. I'm not really putting my technical stuff here at the 'strom. There's probably not a huge crossover between here and there.

I may devote another blog (why not, it's not like they cost anything) to writing, art and music. Not commentary on, but actual items. Commentary I'll keep here.

*That's what Atia (Polly Walker) said in "Rome" and I have no reason to think she was lying.


  1. Sorry man I have been very busy. The wife has been adjusting my balls all weekend.

    My Christmas balls that is.

    But that's a whole other story.

  2. I dunno, pal, I think her sudden interest in your balls is tied to her insomnia.

  3. It just that we are so freakin busy I don't have time to do anything. And now they want to film a movie in the shop and I have been negotiating with the producer. It is a Jerry Bruckheimer film of the Shopaholic book with Joan Cussack and they want to do one day in the store. I am really against it unless they make it worth my while. So we have been real, real busy.

  4. Hey, you know, if I had more than three readers, you could take a break. Heh.

    It's looking like I'll be branching out again anyway.


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