Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pajamas and Poison

Went to see The Boy in the Striped Pajamas tonight and it was sold out! Second week in a row, they said. (Well, not exactly sold out, but they said the only seats were front row and The Boy likes to sit in the back. In the corner. Go figger.)

Also recovering from some kind of food poisoning. It happens every few years with something that a normal person would throw up. I don't throw up so a temporary discomfort turns into several days of that not-quite-right feeling.

It's weird because it often feels like I'm hungry but sorta not, then I'll get a fever for a few hours, then it closes out with stiffness in my neck and shoulders. The intestinal discomfort moves lower and lower, but usually disappears before, em, the end of the line.

I'd think it was flu, except for not really having the symptoms, and it never spreads. I actually don't get sick very much. I went from April of 1997 to December of 2005 without so much as a sniffle. Then in 2006 I got three colds in eight months. And I haven't been sick since.

But all three of those colds went from me to the kids. They crawl all over me. They're not sanitary in the least. They also do it when they're sick and I'm not, but I scoff at their puny child germs.

WebMD's symptom checker--and isn't that a little bit of awesomeness, especially for hypochondriacs--says I may have gastritis or indigestion (both of which I'd probably classify in my non-doctorial way as "food poisoning") but there's also this little gem called Giardia.

Dovetails nicely with the parasite discussion over at Althouse.

But if I'm going to have parasites, I want these.


  1. RedEye covered that story about the woman with the worm in her brain. I had a horrible nightmare that same night about having a sore on the back of my neck that wouldn't heal. I went to the doctor and she pulled 2 long worms out of it. It's very rare I hear something that translates so literally into one of my own dreams. I guess that story bothered me more than I realized.

  2. Sorry, there's nothing worse than somebody babbling on about some dumb dream they had.

  3. lol

    s'okay, Knox, you didn't ramble.

    I loved how Bill was teasing S.E. Cupp with that segment.


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