Friday, November 21, 2008

The New Bond Girls: Pointy and Rounded

We're #1! The Maelstrom is now #1 in Google if you search for "pointy breasts"! And they said I'd never amount to anything.

Eva Green (left, and below depending on how you've got your browser scaled) played Vesper in Casino Royale, with the retro breast shape that made this blog famous!

Still, Olga Kurylenko (right) is all kinds of cute in Quantum of Solace.

Bond actually manages a sort-of platonic relationship with Olga in Solace.


  1. I got a thing for the Slavic babes. Eva doesn't blow my kilt up.

    Olga is another story. I saw her for the first time when she was in the movie Hitman (great flick btw) and was sprouting a teepee then.

    Bond + platonic does not compute.

  2. I'm with you, though Eva Green looked a lot better in the movie.

  3. @Dannyboy: You spouted a teepee?

    In a movie theatre?

    LOL- I thought guys only did that at home these days.

    @Blake: is this the only Eva Green stuff at BM?

  4. I believe so, yeah, CL.

    We got a couple of Lindsay Wagners, too. (No apostrophe missing there.)


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