Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lizabeth Scott: Vampire Killer

I haven't done the pointy breast thing in a while--I doubt very much I'll ever pass the more serious results in the Google cache. I mean, come on, "WomensAnswers.Org" and "". I really shouldn't be at the top of the list. People are apparently concerned about the shape of breasts and it's bad to offer them snark and titillation rather when they're in need of real information.

Nooooooooow, having said that, Hector "Rain In The Doorway" linked to an actress who has to be included, even if our only goal is to be taken as third-grade snark.

Film noir actress Lizabeth Scott!

I've never seen any of her pictures, sad to say, though some look pretty good, and a few others look interesting, if not exactly good. (She co-starred with Heston in Dark City and with Martin and Lewis in Scared Stiff.)

But come on. She looks like she could kill two vampires at once if she angled herself properly.

That blouse, by the way, is exactly the sort of thing I was talking about when I first broached this subject. Ms. Scott is covered from the next to the wrists and all the way down, yet for all the dress leaves to the imagination, she might as well be naked.

Something about that combination of repression and naughtiness that's quintessentially '50s.

So, all hail Lizabeth Scott, who celebrated her 86th birthday back in September.


  1. Now this is a post that stands on its own.

    Stands and points.

  2. I hope she didn't run with those things.

  3. Something about that combination of repression and naughtiness that's quintessentially '50s.

    I'm not a guy, but it seems a lot sexier than the trashtastic aesthetic we live with now.

  4. Well, yes.

    Civilization must run and all that. It's best not to be flaunting everything all the time. But let us not forget that it's just a veneer.

    Touch of Evil is what started this, and it's a great example. Sex is everywhere in that movie without anything ever being shown.


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