Friday, November 7, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Week 11

Saturday: 40 minutes

My legs were tired, like workout tired, so I decided to cut it short today.

Sunday: 70 minutes

What a craptastic day. I'm not Joe the Plumber nor even Les the HVAC guy, and floundering around in the attic made me glad of that fact. Did something to my ankle, boding ill for this week's walking.

But Alan the Woodworker has cobbled me up some arm sleeves for the treadmill! I'll have to put up a before and after to show how it looks. (I'm Blake the computer guy for Alan, so, you know....)

Monday: 0 minutes

My ankle was still tweaked this morning. Alan came over and the wooden sleeves didn't fit. Just one of those days, I guess.

Tuesday: 390 minutes.

My ankle's still a little bit tweaked but treadmill walking doesn't seem to bother it. (I sort of thought I'd end up doing less time, but before I knew it, six-and-a-half hours were gone.)

Wednesday: 340 minutes.

I've got my new sleeves, so the desk is much more stable. Yeah!

Thursday: 400 minutes

Off to a slow start this week but ending strong. Interestingly, the piled-up-books-on-top-of-styrofoam-with-a-board-on-top was pretty stable; the new sleeves are rock solid. I'm recklessly balancing martini glasses on the edge, just for giggles.

Friday: 305 minutes

Total: 1505 minutes. 25 hours. Not bad for a week when I hurt my ankle.

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