Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, Crap.

I've got the first chapter of TD ready to go. I created using Google Docs, a courier font, and the exotic "italic" attribute (not profligately, I hope).

But when I upload it to blogspot, it looks like shite. How much does that suck!

The HTML ain't pretty but it should work. That's sorta the point of HTML.

I'll have to think of a different approach. Open to suggestions.


  1. Hey dude, I want to read it. Be sure and let us know where we can find it.

  2. Since no-one has said anything here in a couple of weeks, I'll chime in.

    I don't see enough info in the post to suggest anything. Except for the part about the Courier font. What this sounds like to me, in the condition of not having enough information, is that you have formatted pages, with line breaks, and are trying to paste them into the Blogger edit window. (Is there another way to "upload … to blogspot?" FTP, no; something else? not that I'm aware of, though I certainly do not Know All, by any means.)

    Plain text, never mind the font. Save the whole thing to Notepad, or something like it, what would it be on Linux, vi or emacs, unformatted plain ASCII text with no carriage returns or line breaks within paragraphs, double between paragraphs. If you want it to display in Courier, use the Font dropdown on the far left of the toolbar at the top of the post edit window to change that. But you're just not going to be able to do pseudo-DTP on Blogspot. It ticks me off that the Blogger editor does not recognize the non-breaking space; I have tried to put up poems with indentation, and found that it simply does not work, everything comes out left-aligned no matter how many  's I use.

    OR: You could use the pre tag, usually used for program code; that displays in Courier, and preserves indentation. You would need to be careful of line lengths, though, to be sure that lines would not overflow your main column width.

    If you want to serve formatted pages, you can put them on another site and link to them from your blog. (You already knew that.) If you don't have another site to host the formatted pages, I have a site where we're not using much of our bandwidth allowance. (I over-bought, but the price was right and I don't regret it.) I'll host your pages, if you like. At least until Talon Doon gets as popular as Han Solo, and that bandwidth starts to be a problem.

    Darn it, blake, you are a lot more computer-savvy than I am; have I missed something that makes this reply completely off-beam?

  3. Then again, there's Scribd.com. Which appears to allow all kinds of formatting, graphics, and whatever you might desire.

  4. Well, yeah, I could just upload the HTML file directly.

    I mean, first I tried pasting the text into Blogger, and that didn't work. Then I tried pasting the HTML into Blogger's HTML window, which should have worked.

    The font's not really the issue, it's some damn CSS thing.

    But if I just upload the file, it doesn't have the--well, I just really wanted it up as a blog, so people could leave feed back and read it sort-of blog style.

    It's safe to say at this point that it's "not very good at all", but I wanted the feedback for the fun of it.

  5. So get another Blogspot site, they're cheap(!), and mess with the template till you get what you want. Your fans are waiting!

  6. I have one!


    That's where the problem started.

    However, I will fix tonight if at all possible. I wanted this to be a more interactive experience than it turned out.


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