Friday, November 14, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Week 12

Saturday: 100 minutes.

Sunday: 90 minutes.

Monday: 0 minutes

Tuesday: 0 minutes

Wednesday: 270 minutes

Thursday: 360 minutes

Friday: 140 minutes

A paltry ... uh ... sixteen hours? Actually, on Sunday, after the light day on Saturday I started having foot pain that made me think, oh crap, plantar fasciitis. So I backed off and then stayed backed off until it went away.

The plan was to go light on Wednesday and Thursday but that didn't work out. I got busy. I backed off today because the six hours on Thursday made me a little nervous. I may indeed have to go for real shoes. (Real expensive shoes.)


  1. Your feet are going to fall off one day, Blake.

    (I'm such a mom)

  2. I read that as "You're going to fall off one day," which (of course) I already have, many times.

    The feet are still attached, tho'.


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