Saturday, February 16, 2008

The New Old "Star Trek"

I'm not a Trekkie (nor Trekker) but I do have an essay on the joy of "hams" lurking in my head.

However, I do like the new special effects enhanced "Star Trek". They were very smart about it: Flat mono sound cleaned up and given some depth, lighting made a little more vivid, exterior space ship shots cleaned up and smoothed out--but nothing (or very little) apparently added or redesigned. It's all '60s futurism in all its dated glory.

I suppose it wouldn't have fit Lucas' vision to do this with Star Wars, but it's a nice compromise: less than a complete overhaul and more akin taking the scratches out of your old LPs.


  1. Did you know that there is an entire section of the Hilton Hotel that is devoted to Star Trek? That people get married by ministers who are dressed as Star Trek characters? That there is a "Quark" Bar just as there was in the TV spin off. Sometimes, you can carry it just a little too far.

  2. Is it at the Hilton?

    I was in Vegas precisely once and thought I might visit it for some Trek fans I know.

    They're afraid to visit for fear of contracting something akin to Jerusalem Syndrome....


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