Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where Are The Boys' Shows?

I've been exposed to a lot more of the Disney Channel than I'd ever hoped--although I admit the late night re-runs of Walt's original programming held a curious archaeological interest for me while it ran--and something dawned on me today: There is no boy's programming.

That is to say, there are no action shows, no adventure shows, no Davy Crockett, no Buck Rogers, nothing that says, "Hey, boys! You're gonna love this!"

Well, with the exception of the cute girls all over the shows. They've got that going for 'em (for the boys who are past the "girl icky" phase). But they incline feminine. The movies--largely about princesses, mermaids, and girl rock stars--more than incline, they're girl stuff.

There are boys, often major characters on the shows, don't get me wrong. And a recent time-traveling movie featured three boys as major characters. But even here, the feminine prevails. The boys don't go back in time to see dinosaurs or wrestle with pirates. They go back to correct social faux-pas.

Cute idea. But feminine.

Interesting, no?

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