Thursday, February 28, 2008

When it rains....

The new server is ready and sitting with an Ubuntu installation on it. I've got to move the mail, chat and forums over to it.

Meanwhile, kingdomrpg is getting a new Star Trek game, and I have to import their existing games into a new installation.

The MythTV machine just needs a few tweaks. I found another driver quirk. Then I've got to document, and do a few dry runs, to see: a) how long it takes (me) to make one of these machines; b) how long it takes others reading my instructions to make one; c) how many variants I can produce and at what price. Then it's time to set up the site, build the store, and cross my fingers. (And with my fingers crossed, I start working on satellite and fiber optic.)

Oh, and I have a replacement notebook that needs setting up.

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