Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks, Ethanol!

A year ago, gas was about $3/gallon here and milk was about $3/gallon.

Within a very short time period, milk jumped up to $4/gallon. Since we drink about a gallon of milk a day, the jump was noticed. (Milk is so heavily regulated, it's more surreal than funny.)

Gas is still right around $3/gallon.

Thanks, Ethanol!

Ethanol from corn is the dominant alternative fuel in the US because of political kowtowing. No more and no less. Ethanol proponents that care about energy security should be those shouting the loudest about removing the ridiculous 54 cent per gallon tariff on ethanol imports, which serves to block a drastic increase in sugarcane ethanol imports. That tariff, on an energy equivalent basis, is like a $23 tax on a barrel of oil. The biggest obstacle to a bigger alternative fuel market in the US is ethanol protectionism, which acts against not just foreign sugar cane ethanol, but also against methanol, foreign and domestic.

And Iowa? You suck. (Granted, it's no better here. I think I'm going to find the one state out of the fifty that sucks the least and move there.)

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