Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alternatives, Pt 2.

Just as a lot of people are suggesting we should elect a black man for President. some say it's more important that we elect a woman. I say we should elect someone who's genuine and doesn't pander, but I've been roundly voted down.

Anyway, I agree that the sooner we vote someone other than a white Christian male into office, the sooner we can, you know, focus on who would be the best leader.

But is Hil(l)ary the best choice? (Oh, I have this weird quirk of putting the second "l" in Hil(l)ary's name in parentheses. It started when she claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hilary, who has just one "l" in his name. So I can never remember if she has two "l"s or one.)

Well, of course, there's only one woman (apart from Lisa Simpson, who's just a cartoon character, so let's not get silly) who has the experience we need in the White House.

That's right, Geena Davis.

Besides a short term as Commander-in-Chief, Ms. Davis has extensive other experiences that might be of use. Early on, for example, she used to have an abusive boss, she dated one of the greatest scientific minds of our lifetimes--and stood by him as he turned into a freak. She's good with aliens and has a strong constituency among the Dead-American demographic that votes so heavily in places like Chicago.

She's no stranger to alternative families. Very alternative families.

And, as this picture shows, she rocks in an evening gown.

But wait!

I have another alternative.

She's only been the Vice President, but the confirmation process she went through was absolutely grueling. So she's been thoroughly vetted. She also has executive experience in the CIA, handling the very tricky Operation Treadstone. To boot, she's been the First Lady and, IMO, is one of those women who gets better looking as they get older.

Can you guess who?

That's right.

Joan Allen.

Davis/Allen 2012, anyone?

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