Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't worry: They're professionals.

Double standard.

Teachers having sex with students was pretty common when I was in school.

This is the part of having a bias that I don't understand. Don't you have to draw the line somewhere? We got a guy defending Hitler trying to save face for their favorite candidate. And we have a sex scandal that, I'd suggest, most parents would want to know about, but which won't make it to the--well, probably won't make it off the website.

Though I guess if one can cover up a few million murders, this is peanuts.


  1. There's nothing new about the sexual scandals of secular school teachers in the public schools. The reason why the Catholic Church scandal had such legs was that so many lapsed Catholics were taking out their hatred of the church by feeding the hysteria. Most of the abuse was by a few individuals who should have been punished to the fullest extent of the law. The unspoken subtext was that the crimes were really not true pedophilia that is too say with pre-adolescent children. The vast majority was with adolescent boys by homosexual priests. They were protected by well placed chancellors and secretaries and even bishops who were also gay and who had a chance to be "outed." This is not the politically correct version so it had to be blamed on the Church itself which has long been the target of much of liberal thought. There have been recent sex scandals with rabbis and sexual abuse is of course rampant in such occupations as summer camp consolers. But you don’t hear much about it. It really also comes down to money as it does in most things. The Church has deep pockets and many people want to get their last ounce of flesh.

  2. Yeah, I think you're dead on about that.

    Greed, bias and selective reporting. When the Church does it, it's horrible; when schools do it, it's fodder for teen sex comedies.

  3. I'm very sensitive about this paedophile demonisation of the Catholic Church, by media. I loathe it.

    But I do have to say that there is a difference between a priest and a teacher molesting a child. The journalistic angle will necessarily reflect that.

    A priest is more than just a teacher. He is held to a much higher moral standard as vicar-shepherd of his flock, charged not just with the welfare of bodies, but of immortal souls.

    A teacher, who also embodies authority and should always protect, never harm his/her charge either, misses that crucial spiritual component which transcends all physical matters.

    A teacher may stand for something greater than himself, such as a bureaucracy. But this in no way compares to what a priest stands in for -- the historical importance in Christianity of the Roman Catholic Church.

    I daresay it is the former parishioners who demand stricter sentences, because the priest not only betrayed God's vows, broke man's laws, but he also bamboozled his entire flock into believing he was something which he was not: literally, a "Father".

    Just my 2p on the matter. :)



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