Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Keep Using This Word "Warming"....

As the facts trickle in and global warming slowly recedes from the zeitgeist, we'll see this pattern of how the increasing coldness doesn't mean global warming isn't real, then silence, then the increasing peril of global coldening, and finally how the cooling is our fault.

At some point, the cooling hysteria will reach a fever pitch, and a few sober-minded people will recall how familiar this all is, but the new acolytes will claim that it was only a few voices and media hype but this time it's SCIENCE!


  1. You think? Because I'm worried they'll get away with this and we'll find ourselves getting colder and colder while we discuss ways to prevent getting warmer.

  2. That'll persist for a while, sure. Look at that article above, which maintains that it's not gonna get warmer, but we really need to make it colder.

    But apparently--despite the media full court press--they're not winning over the hearts and minds of da pipples. I like to think that's common sense, and perhaps that most people live where it's too freakin' cold most of the time any way.

    And if it gets colder, as the (way more reliable) sun spot people are suggesting, it's going to be a harder and harder sell.

    Eventually, they'll pretend it never happened. You know, find the people who were around 30 years ago who believed in the Coming Ice Age. Can't find a one, not a one. Even people who reported on it will say they were just reporting.

    Now, this is based on the last 30 years, and we do live in a much less controlled world as far as news goes. There will be plenty of records around--lots more than some old Newsweek pix.

    But it'll be like the malaria/DDT thing and all the dead kids: You'll get, "We didn't MAKE them stop using DDT." (No, we just told them we'd take all their money away if they did.)


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