Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dress For Success

The Flower wants a lab coat and glasses to wear while she's doing her math and science work. (There's comic book logic and six-year-old girl logic, and there's no point in arguing with either of them.)

Yeah, I stole the picture here from iStockphoto--I guesss that's what the watermark says. It was the best picture I could find.

And yet.

It looks like she's about to give the cable repairman a "biology lesson". If you know what I mean, and I think you do.


You think that's bad? The Flower also wants a French maid outfit for when she cleans.

There are no pictures of French maid outfits on the entire internet suitable for a post about my daughter.


  1. Dude this it too too weird. Tell her she can only wear little house on the prairie dresses until she is 21. Trust me.

  2. The Flower, besides doing basketball and baseball, is also big into the girly-girl stuff.

    She's in a little dance/performance troupe, complete with the shiny shorts and sparly tops. It's very cute.

    Yeah, I know. She's just gotten to the point where I'm happy that she's wearing clothes at all. (All kids are nudists.)


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