Friday, May 30, 2008

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Apparently, my reference to Kitten Natividad in the last post stirred some, er, memories for Trooper. I defer to his expertise regarding her entree into the world of non-simulated video-recorded adult sexual activities, but I still say that one's 40s--much less one's 50s is a bit late to get started. To quote Knocked Up, "You're too old--not for the Earth, but for this club."

However, in my youth, Russ Meyer films were a popular item on ON-TV, and my fragile little mind was disturbed by such classics as Cherry, Harry and Racquel and Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens. (The former is the sort of movie prohibited during the Reagan years because of its mixing of sex and violence, and the latter is a bizarre little comedy which may be the only film in history where, if you weighed all the breasts, it would be greater than the weight of the entire cast, men included, without breast weight. Does that make sense?)

I tend to think it's a sad state when an actress, no matter how exploitative her career was, ends up in porn to pay the bills or out of desperation for attention.

Natividad was an early adventure in breast augmentation procedure: She had silicone injected directly into her breasts. This demonstrates two things: 1) a loose fluid of the right viscosity is far superior to bags of goo; 2) people are nuts. It's entirely possible that her double-mastectomy from breast cancer in 1999 was unrelated to this silicone injection, of course. But, wow! I think you even had to do it repeatedly because the body would absorb the silicone after awhile, but I'm not sure if I'm just confusing it with the lip injections they do these days.

If memory serves, Kitten Natividad was interviewed in Jewel Shepherd's "Invasion of the B-Movie Girls". In it, she tells a story of a producer demanding sex for a job while she was interviewing for a part in his office. They haggled, and she ended up manually relieving the agent in question. She then cupped her hand and headed to the lobby. When the producer asked where she was going, she said, "I'm going to give my agent his 10%."

Interesting if true.


  1. Dude you are just a young guy. I turned 50 this year and let me tell you a 50 year old woman can be sexy as hell. Especially one who knows her way around like Kitten. She could teach us a thing or three I'm thinkin'

  2. She's right up there with my personal pantheon of fuckability: the great Joanna Cassidy, the one and only Vanessa Del Rio, the delicious piece of chocolate Pam Grier, the incomparable Kay Parker and of course the one, the only, well actually the pair...Adrienne Barbeau.

  3. You can take your Lindsey Lohans and your Olsen twins and your Paris Hiltons and rub their stick like bodies together to make a fire. But a full bodied experienced lady will definitely keep you warm. Caliente baby....oh yeah.

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  5. Hey, I'm not that much younger than you.

    I'm hardly immune to the charms of the ladies listed. But it's one thing to be sexual as you get older and another to film it.

    Jes' sayin'. The camera doesn't like wrinkles, fat or other imperfections that you wouldn't even notice in person.

  6. Hey with HD TV you get to see that Cameron Diaz has skin like a pizza and other such delights. Trust me; you can over look those imperfections once you got your rhythm going if you know what I mean.

    Seventies and early eighties porno rules. With real woman and not the plastic perfect California bunnies they use now.

    Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Vanessa Del Rio, Seka, Raven, Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer and Christy Canyon. Oh yeah.

    (All those name should get you a lot more hits)

  7. Ha, true.


    I actually have on now as a video test an old Gary Graver movie called Angel Eyes with Monique Gabrielle and "Rachel Vickers".

    She looks like another actress (whose name I now forget) who had the short black hair and the pronounced curves so I looked the movie up on IMDB. As it turns out "Rachel Vickers" = "Raven".

    Who knew?

    It's an odd movie. Erik Estrada, John Philip Law and Monique Gabrielle round out the cast. Particularly Monique.

  8. Mwahahaha. Yes, there is a reason for my untoward hilarity, Blake.

    It's part of an inside joke, which you will only get once you come over chez moi.



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