Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kidde Kattle Kall

We were accosted in a Chuck E. Cheese (part of The Flower's birthday celebration) by a talent scout who suggested we come down for a screen test today.

This is not an unusual happening here. When The Flower was six months, an agent came up and asked "Is she working?"

What's remarkable is how restrained one can be when asked if one's six-month old infant is "working".

But the kids are good to each other, and particularly polite outside the home, so they tend to impress people favorably. They may, as a result, be more likely to get attention than some others.

Now, most such come-ons like this are a scam. They flatter you about your child's chances in Hollywood than hit you up for a "photo package" that will run you $1,000 or so. But some legit ones have wafted by over the years and I've ignored them all until this one.

No particular reason.

The Flower and The Boy are both old enough to not get freaked out by the situation and to learn from it. Odds of them actually picking up work when they realize it means that someone else gets to dress them, do their hair, and tell them what to say? Close enough to zero as to make no never mind.

The Boy's sole motivation in going was the potential for cash. The Flower--she has ideas of being a model (as well as a princess, etc.) and so it was worth it to see if they would take to it. Which, of course, they didn't.

But we filled out a form and waited (and waited and waited, which is also part of the biz) and then they said some lines, and then we went home.

There were lots of kids everywhere, though, including one girl who was a dead ringer for a "Parent Trap"-era Lindsay Lohan. So, your first reaction is "Oh, how lovely!" Then your next reaction is, "Oh. Right."

But they comported themselves well during the wait, and learned what I expected them to learn, so it was a worthwhile experience.

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