Thursday, May 8, 2008

French Ta-tas

Although it's not the fashion these days, I must confess a love for the Gallic. The French people I've known not in France have all been quite nice. I didn't encounter a lot of rudeness in France, either. But truth-be-told, my most frequent encounter these days is with the women (and men, too, but, you know) of the French cinema.

This will probably sound trite to some of you, but I love the way that older French women in movies look their age. Still attractive, to be sure, but not gauzily filmed with copious vaseline on the lens.

However, this salute to the breast concerns one of the younger women, the aforementioned Audrey Tatou:
And not pointy, either. I didn't mention it, but Ms. Tatou flashes a bit in Priceless. I'm provincial enough to almost have been shocked by that.


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