Monday, May 19, 2008

Dumb Things Seen While Looking At Incoming Links

Was Jesus a Liberal?

Here's a good sign you need a little perspective in your life: You feel a need to cast everything in modern political terms.


  1. Of course someone has to take a historic figure and paint that person with the same brush strokes that they themselves have used to create their own self-image.


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  3. Well Jesus was cetainly a liberal. But Matty and Felipe are very conservative. So they have all the bases covered so to speak.

  4. Heheh--hey, you're right, Troop, maybe I was jumping to conclusions.

    Maybe it was all about the political breakdown of hispanics!

    I knew a German lady (who taught German here) who was absolutely shocked when she met her first "Jesus". They don't do that in the Fatherland.

  5. Blake, that's the case with my German-born mother.

    When we lived in Brazil, our first condo handyman was Jesus. It's Zheh-zoos in Portuguese.

    But instead of pronouncing it in Portuguese, I guess he played a joke with her and used the English pronunciation version, Gee-sus.

    (She didn't speak Portuguese, and they interacted in broken English -- there were a lot of foreigners in the bldg)

    My mother could never make herself to say, "Jesus, could you help me unclog the toilet?", etc.

    So she called him Jesse. ;)

    And thanks for the perspective. Very timely.



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