Friday, October 3, 2008

Treadmill, Week 6

Saturday: 300 minutes. A lot for a Saturday but I had some catching up to do after Knott's.

Sunday: 110 minutes. Some of you have asked whether I've lost any weight over the past few months. The answer is: I don't think so. I don't keep track very closely, but I did weight myself about a month ago and my weight was the same today. And it was the same as it was back in June when I was doing the Wii fit. (Which I do plan to start up again; I'm not doing it now just because I don't have the Wii hooked up.) However, I didn't weigh myself between June and August, and it's possible that I gained some weight during that period.

You get the idea that it's not very important to me? I do care, but weight is such an imperfect measure. I think I have lost some fat, however, based on the fit of my clothes. I don't have a good measure of fat vs. muscle.

I do need to lose some weight, as well, mind you. But, again, the primary focus is on increasing mobility.

Monday: 360 minutes. Didn't have to go in today. This was very productive. I've started looking into incorporating a stretching program. Strength and endurance are less of an issue now--I'm walking faster on the treadmill now, for longer and with less difficulty--but now lower back stiffness is becoming more prominent.

Tuesday: 310 minutes. I did the longest stretch yet in one go: 4 hours. This is also, I think the most time I've done on two consecutive days at over 11 hours. The weird foot numbness my early over-eager experiments engendered got dramatically better this morning, and then suddenly tonight. Some sort of inflammation finally going down, maybe?

Wednesday: 100 minutes. Had to work in the office today. It was a nice break to be able to come home and get on the treadmill. Weird, eh?

Thursday: 360 minutes. Basically six hours straight. I kicked it up a notch from Tuesday. I've been going a bit faster, too. I've started thinking about getting some real arm supports for the treadmill to rest my plank on.

Friday: 250 minutes. I had non-desk stuff to do. I have found that I'm not set up for reading a book. Need a book holder.

Weekly total:1790 minutes. Just shy of 30 hours. 1490 minutes. So...just shy of 25 hours. I've added a small amount of stretching which has helped mobility. I've achieved that particular goal rather quickly. Now I need a new one....

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