Friday, October 17, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Week 8

Saturday: 270 minutes. A lot for a Saturday. What up wid dat?

Sunday: 70 minutes.

Monday: 100 minutes

Tuesday: 480 minutes

Wednesday: 373 minutes

I haven't really been keeping track of my weekly time this week, but I think I'll beat last week pretty easily.

Thursday: 390 minutes

So, I'm up to 1,683 which passes last week already. Good, I guess.

Friday: 240 minutes.

A little over 32 hours--a big jump from last week and pretty close to my target of 35 hours. I may end up going lighter next week because I have to tighten up the Sole, The Flower's got a performance or two I need to see, I've got a day in the office, and a lot of away-from-the-desk work to do.

Plus, "at the desk" usually means either working (good) or reading up on the day's events (bad, depressing).

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