Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drive Them SUVs, People!

Via Instawhatsit, a roundup of climate change heresy at Fabius Maximus.

He entitles it "Good news", but it's only good news if it counters the flow of stupidity. The fact that the data contradicts the global warming model--well, what will happen is that we'll get a lot of quiet on the topic. You may have noticed less of a "global warming" drumbeat lately.

It'll get quieter while the socialists latch on to the "free market failure" idea. Presuming they don't destroy the economy, when things get better, they'll go back to the environmental football.

The other reason it's not good news is that we could really use the planet to be a few degrees warmer. A huge chunk of Canada and Russia could be turned into arable farmland with a 5-10 degree hike. (Maybe not even that much.)

Plus, a lot of people are cold. And they like to put their cold feet on my warm belly or back. This has to stop.

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