Saturday, October 4, 2008

What Not To Wear Review (In Which I Whore Myself Out Most Shamelessly)

The latest episode of "What Not To Wear" on The Learning Channel is not to be missed. A recalcitrant CPA--lovely but rather pear-shaped--is done over by the show's hosts and somewhat broken of her tendency to wear only black pants.

The highlight of the episode was a trip to Lee Lee's Valise in Brooklyn, where the subject wore a lovely green Donna Rico dress. (The Flower commented that she looked "like Tinkerbell".)

Unfortunately, the dresses from Lee Lee's were not used in the final "reveal", leading to diminished approbation overall.

The thing I took away from the episode was that I'd be doing all my plus-sized women shopping at Lee Lee's Valise in Brooklyn.

That's right.

Lee Lee's Valise.


  1. Very, very nice. Although to update she did wear the jeans from the store in the reveal and said a lot of nice things about us in the What Not to Wear Message boards.

  2. I think the Flower is going to be a girly girl which means you are in for it my friend.

  3. Oh, she's totally a girly-girl, though she plays basketball and chess and wanted to take up fencing like The Boy.

    The Barbarienne imitates her girly-girl-wise, but is way more ferocious.


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