Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Talon Doon

...will be the name of the lead character in my upcoming barbarian cowboy sex unicorn yogurt novel for NaNoWriMo.

If you don't like it, or have even more elements for me to incorporate, feel free to comment.

In a switch for me, all the names and places in this book will be phonetically written, Berlitz style. As a language and linguistics fan, I've always tended to use unusual spellings to represent the sounds in other languages we can't make well in English. So, Talon Doon is pronounced Talon Doon, not Taylohn Dyun or what-have-you.

I don't expect you to care. This is just part of the minutiae of writing that I get caught up in but promise not to inflict on the reader.


  1. I care, and am following the story.

    Not sure why.

  2. Hey Talon definitely has to have a hook replacing one of his hands.
    Razor sharp on the edge and deadly in a fight.

    Also you are ripping off Raymond Feist in Talon of the Silver Hawk which is about a hero named Talon who has his whole village destroyed and grows up to be a master swordsman in the first book of the trilogy of The Conclave of the Shadows. This is an extremely popular series that I bet you don't know anything about. It is very hard to trod untouched ground in the fantasy market.

    When I say ripping off, I know that you have never heard of this book but other people will recognize it.

    You could call him Frodo.

  3. That's why I would use names that are easy to say from a language of a culture you want to use as the base of your story. For example you could use a Lakota or Crow or Cree name as the barbarian nomads who will encounter a more fixed culture in which you can use Finnish or Swedish names. And the names can simply that of everyday products or items.

  4. You're very close to describing what I am doing. I'm just trying not to be super-obvious about it.

    Talon is a brawler, as we shall discover.

    This will put him at a bit of a disadvantage from time to time. Heh.

  5. I hope he meets up with his sex kitten sister Lorna Doon.

    She is one sweet cookie.


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