Friday, October 24, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Week 9

Saturday: 100 minutes.

I expected to get in more. It was a frustrating morning in a lot of ways.

Sunday: Looking like zero. They key to the treadmill has vanished. I've rounded up the usual suspects to no avail.

Monday: 150 minutes. The key turned up neatly tucked away in a small box for a computer fan. Courtesy the Barbarienne, no doubt.

Tuesday: 360 minutes. Only ten hours or so this week so far. I'd have to do 7-8 hours per day the rest of the week to do as much as I did last week. I'll be lucky to break 30, really.

Wednesday: 243 minutes.

Thursday: 377 minutes. Only twenty hours so far, and I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Hmmph. This week's been hard, too. My legs are tired for some reason.

Friday: 350 minutes.

I'll tally later tonight.

Weekly Total: 1480 minutes. Not quite 25 hours. About what I did back in week 6, going every day. So I guess there's been an increase there. When I am on the treadmill it is easier and I can go longer.

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