Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scariest Moment of the Haunt

It's cheesy, but the scariest moment of the Haunt was in the Doll Factory.

They had a guy dressed up as Michael Jackson.


  1. Hey what about the girl dressed up as Ann Althouse. Jeeez. It was so scary it made Meade get a divorce.

  2. Yeah, the ex-Mrs. Meade sounds like a prize, doesn't she?

  3. Well as the country song goes "We live in a two story house" but I believe Meade. I think my wife had her doubts about Althouse until she met her in person and then she didn't care anymore. I could understand how some spouses of frequent posters might get a little pissed off. Just imagine what Mrs. Simon must think. She must have a her Depends in a Knot just thinking about it ya know.

  4. lol

    Mrs. Simon: "What? What does she have that I don't have? More crows feet? Bigger wattle? What??"


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