Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cowboy Barbarian Sex Quadrilogy!

I've been casting about in my story's universe, and I have enough scope for a four-book series.

I tend to do this as a writer, even on technical stuff: Overdo the research and background to get a solid view of things, and then end up with enough for several books. I think it makes the finished product better for there to be a solid universe on which to build. (I think Tolkien did the same thing--not to draw the sort of comparison that would inevitably result in disappointment for whatever crap I do churn out.)

Actually, I may have enough scope for five books. The real problem with this nanowrimo format--at least as I plan to do it, by publishing daily--is that I can't go all Chris Guest on it and chop it down after the fact.

I dunno, I think part of the fun would be to see this being written as it goes along. (I think it'd be more fun if I were a better writer but, hey, you go to nanowrimo with the writer you are, not the writer you'd like to be.)

Also, "cowboy sex" and "barbarian sex" continue to drive traffic! Woo!


  1. Hey where can we read this. Please put in a link.

  2. The challenge begins November 1st and ends November 30th.

    The idea is for me to put up about 2,500 words a day.

    But I'm not allowed to start until the first, so I'm just doing background and fleshing out the universe.

  3. Got ya.

    I had a real nice surprise today. One of my favorite science fiction authors SM Stirling dropped a comment on my blog. That was pretty sweet.

  4. I saw! You've hit the big time!


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