Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Somebody Calls The Cops

The Boy got hassled by the cops today for carrying knives.

In fairness, the cops were cool enough about it. LAPD is pretty professional and they don't generally want to stir up trouble. The Sheriff's department would probably have hauled him in. (Apparently minors can't carry knives. And one of his knives is illegal to take out of the house or somesuch.)

That said, they view an armed populace as a threat. The Boy has never so much as taken his knives out, but he feels more secure when he's carrying them, and plus, he just likes weapons. Always has. When he was three, we got him this book. He knows more about weapons than most people. The state doesn't find this an acceptable interest, second amendment notwithstanding. (The Founding Fathers surely couldn't have envisioned a world with knives!)

He has, of course, never used a weapon in actual combat, never brandished a weapon in a threatening manner, in fact never taken his weapons out in public, as far as I know. (No, wait, just once, when an adult asked to see one of his knives.)

So, how did the cops decide to roust him? Well, somebody in the homeschooling group must've seen one of his knives on his pants and called the police. Nice.

As I've pointed out, homeschoolers tend to be polarized between right- and left-wing.

But (as I've also pointed out), when dealing with leftists, it's easier just to shut up and pretend to agree. So, with apologies to Robert Conquest, any group not explicitly right-wing is going to end up seeming left-wing.

So, the mailing list ends up being peppered with (I'm not making this up) a compassionate communication workshop, a drum circle, "soul-centered" classes and of course all the (apparently mandatory) environmental and recycling crap.

This is all fine. My kids don't have to do anything I don't want. But I can imagine what side of the political spectrum this person came from.

But I find this incident ironic for two reasons:

1. Someone who has rejected the state in a pretty fundamental way went to the cops rather than talking face-to-face.

2. The Boy was upset enough that he didn't feel like taking his fencing class which is part of the same group. (Because foils and rapiers are not dangerous weapons, apparently.)

UPDATE: That may have been a hasty conclusion. It's possible, even probable perhaps, that it wasn't a homeschooler but a rec center employee. That would fit. Still sucks, but makes more sense.


  1. Well, somebody in the homeschooling group must've seen one of his knives on his pants and called the police. Nice.

    Man, oh, man, that's obnoxious. I'd be steaming. Usually, I regret the dearth of groups in my area (there are a very few, but they're doing different stuff than I, and most are of the very religious right flavor, which just isn't my cup of tea, and it wouldn't be a good fit in the education context), but today I'm thinking, "Just as well, baby, just as well."

  2. I wasn't there, which is probably for the best.

    I like the kids to have a chance to hang with peers from time-to-time. The Flower is fine with all her various classes, but The Boy's interests don't overlap his peers interests all that much.

    I'd shake the list to see who did it but I imagine that would be pointless and upsetting. A great many of the people are just casually involved, and that's how it will remain, I guess.

  3. I always carried a blade thoughout grammer school and especially high school. Never had to use it but it felt good in my pocket.

    I think you are growing a little conservative there though.

  4. Which part makes me conservative?

    Is it that part where I think the Constitution means what it says?

    I thought that back when I was definitely liberal, too, although, admittedly, I didn't know the Constitution very well back then. Heh.


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