Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drive Me To Nevada

Stuff like this is ... it's just ... Ugh.

I don't want to vote for McCain, I really don't, but the terrorist thing with Obama--he needed to throw these murderers under the bus along time ago. The Democrats need to distance themselves from radicals the way the Reps have had to with theirs.

Just like I don't want to leave California.

The tax wouldn't even affect me, theoretically. Of course, if it started looking like it was going to affect me (which is far from impossible), I'd leave. My lifelong home to which I'm unreasonably attached (I mean, seriously, most of my peers moved away years ago).

Of course, like all creepingly totalitarian governments, there's an "exit tax". So if you dare to express your dis-satisfaction with the state, they'll require a bribetax to let you out. Then, to keep you from sneaking out, they'll build a wall.

California will have a sea on one side, a wall on the north and east borders, and an open access coming in from Mexico. They'll keep you from going out if they think you're trying to escape the "exit tax".

They say conservatives are liberals who've been mugged by reality. I think some of them must be liberals who've been mugged by the government.

I don't think it'll pass, even if it gets on the ballot. I hope.


  1. At least Calif's not totally schizo like Tennessee, which can't what it wants to be. We have no income tax... yet in the early 90s they inacted TennCare, a statewide universal healthcare system. It's like, one or the other: you can't be a free-spirited, tax free state -- and have gargantuan government programs at the same time. TennCare is a disaster and has been steadily eating up more and more of the state budget since its inception. And our sales tax is 9.25.

    None of which is to say I'd trade it for California's taxes, tee hee.

  2. Our sales tax is 8.25.

    Where they gouge us, I think, is in the utilities (water, power, cable).

    And in the various "recycling" fees, which are just taxes.

    And, of course, the gas taxes.

    And by issuing diktats about what sort of products we can use, and putting even more lethal chemicals into the fuel supply.

    But! We have Prop 13, which keeps them from taxing us out of our houses during the RE spikes. Phew.

    That actually worries me about moving. My house went up 3.5x in value--the taxes would've murdered me, had they done the same.

    And I don't see any limits on what the government can tax you, property-wise, anywhere else.

  3. Just to an attempt an unorthodox defense of the Weather Underground: Their terrorist bombings were never aimed at people, and though they carried off several successful operations, the only people who were ever killed by their bombs were a couple of their own members, who gave themselves an unfortunate lesson about how high explosives are not a toy, or a political statement.

    Bill Ayres is a terrorist, but he is more like an arsonist than a murderer or a would-be murderer. His crime was serious but he has paid his debt to society, as far as the law is concerned. I don't think his extremism as a youth should condemn him for life, much less condemn everyone he has ever associated with.

  4. I guess somebody has to defend them.

    This guy remembers things a little differently as far as not wanting to hurt anyone.

    The Brinks robbery resulted in death. (The plot kernel of The Enforcer, I think.)

    At some point, it gets be like Sideshow Bob, "Attempted murder, what is that, really? Do they give Oscars for attempted acting?"

    The Dems gotta get shed of these guys. It's heinous that they've been given so much power over the past decades.

  5. If nothing else Ayers is guilty of being an insufferably self-righteous Boomer. Unforgivable!

  6. Oh, hell, if that were a crime, we could probably solve the social security crisis.


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