Monday, August 4, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 4

I was roped into going to the movies today, so only about 2:15 on the treadmill. I was planning to alternate hour on/half-hour off. I was planning to hit the road tomorrow, too, and not use the desk but I may put that off.

Observers say it's done me some good; improved my morale, I guess you'd say. I didn't know I was such a crotchety bastard to begin with. I have not experienced the post-treadmill energy this guy talks about. I'm just as likely to fall asleep once I get off it as I was before. (Maybe more so.)

But then, my sleep habits are complex enough for their own blog.

If I can stay home and work tomorrow, it will be the big test. Tons to do across a broad spectrum of tasks. I'm somewhat hampered by not being able to run the machine constantly, but it should be a good test, nonetheless.

(I should add, I think, that "today" means Sunday, even though this is posted in the wee hours of Monday morning.)

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