Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bit Maelstrom's Greatest Hit?

Far-and-away the #1 hit I get on this blog is for this image of Faith Domergue.

Yeah, that's right, not even for the entry, just for the picture. Probably 10-20% of the people who hit this blog hit it through a Google Image search...for what? Pointy breasts, I imagine, though the link tells me nothing.

The equally obscure Gloria Grahame is probably #2.

I just got a hit on Janet Leigh, who (as queen of the anointed pointed) really should be tops, just given her relative fame. But Faith, for whatever reason, comes up earlier in the image search, and so has rocketed ahead of the plucky, perky Leigh.

Jane Russell shows up fairly often, because search engines don't get irony. I don't believe I've ever gotten a hit on Lauren Bacall, but probably because she's such a legend a zillion sites come up ahead of mine.

I've gotten a couple on Clare Grant, who doesn't appear on a pointy breasted search, but more often than Edy Williams. The two Lindsays come up hardly at at all, even less than my beloved, neglected Carole Landis. The buxom pixie Audrey Tatou gets nary a hit.

It all adds up to me staying up too late on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. (You should know that I'm not exaggerating however. My last ten hits were four for faith, and one each for Jane and Janet, and the four remaining were: Greta Gerwig, mentioned in my Baghead review, my review of Cinematic Titanic's Oozing Skull, Tiffany Shepis in Tooth and Nail, and a link from a blogger thing that allows you to see who's changed their blogs recently.


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