Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 11

I didn't use the treadmill yesterday (Monday). A combination of working away from home, and hanging out with the Olympics.

Back on today. I did use the time to scope out a new treadmill. I was going to buy used because, you know, buying new exercise equipment is for dunces, given the huge discounts you get for a used anything. I mean, I got this treadmill for $50, right?

But it overheats, etc. It's not quite the same as buying weights or a bench. This is a machine. It requires maintenance, it breaks down, etc. I'm likely to use it 40 hours a week, so a good warranty will pay for itself.

This machine from Sole is what I'm planning to get. Free delivery and a two-year in-home warranty. Well, hell. In-home is precisely my style. And they sell to hotels, which tells you something about ruggedness. (People are never more careless than with stuff that's not their own.)

So I'm guessing the 2-year thing means they're pretty confident they won't hear from me in those two years.

It's not a folding treadmill, but where I had previously thought that was a minor engineering issue, I'm now understanding requires certain compromises in the quality of the machine. I'm not folding this up, anyway, so no big deal.

Back later with day 12 news.

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