Friday, August 8, 2008

Treadmill Desk, Day 9

100 minutes so far. But it gave out right at the end of the 100 minutes, so I'm giving it a lot of time to cool off.

Yesterday, we blew a circuit (over and over again, ick) and the treadmill seems to have gotten more erratic.

What's weird is I'm now feeling a little weird about not walking while I'm working. The laptop mousepad actually works pretty well, too; I was a little surprised by that.

I'm about to start up again and see if I can't do another 30-40. 200 minutes seems to be about the max I can get with this machine. Time to take getting a new one seriously.


  1. Hey now you are going to get hits because you are like a gerbil on this threadmill.


    On a threamill.

  2. Hey I spelt treadmill wrong. Rats.

  3. Actually, I got more hits on "treadmill desk" recently than "pointy breasts".

    Unless you add "pointy breasts", "pointed breasts" and "pointy breast pictures", then the mammaries eke out a win.

    I should probably try for some sort of synergy: Some way to combine porn and tread mill desks.

    Now that would be a sign that the treadmill desk had arrived: A porn featuring people having sex on a treadmill desk.

    Someone!t, like I know who makes porn? That's kind of embarrassing, actually, when the HQs of all the Big Porn dudes are 2 miles from here.

  4. And, dude, the porn hits are bad enough, let's not get gerbils mixed up in this!


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